BIG DOG BARF FOR DOG 大笨狗 急凍火雞肉狗糧 12件一盒

Big Dog BARF 大笨狗 急凍火雞肉狗糧,絕對不含毒素和污染物,並提供容易消化及吸收的蛋白質,幫助改善皮毛、牙齒健康,增蛋免疫力。


Big Dog TURKEY BARF for Dog 大笨狗 急凍火雞肉狗糧

Big Dog BARF 系列凍肉糧絕對不含毒素和污染物,並提供容易消化及吸收的蛋白質,幫助改善皮毛、牙齒健康,增蛋免疫力。

Big Dog BARF 火雞肉配方提供超過 70% 的火雞肉及骨頭,加上約 12.5% 的蔬果,為狗狗提供全面平衡的營養。

Sourced from 100% Australian suppliers, Big Dog Turkey RAW is one of our allergy flavours and is a great option for dogs who can’t tolerate Chicken or Beef.

Turkey is naturally packed with Iron, Zinc, Potassium and Phosphorus.

Although they’re both poultry, Turkey has a different protein make up to Chicken and can therefore be tolerated by dogs with Chicken sensitivities.

Perfect for dogs who:

  • Are fit, young and healthy
  • Have allergies to beef/ chicken
  • Prefer white meat
  • Want a single protein diet
  • Want a less inflammatory protein source
Protein 蛋白質 (最少)            12.0%
Fat 脂肪 (最少) 14.0%
Fiber 纖維 (最多) 1.0%
Calcium 鈣 0.9%
Phosphorus 磷 0.5%
Moisture水份 68%
Ash 灰質(最多) 3.1%

 熱量:kJ/100g = 617. kJ/serve (250g) = 1542.5.