FRONTLINE PLUS 殺蚤除牛蜱藥水 (10-20KG 犬隻適用) 1盒3支

Frontline Plus 是保護你的寵物的最佳滅蚤用品,無任何副作用,可長期使用。


Frontline Plus 是保護你的寵物的最佳滅蚤用品,無任何副作用,可長期使用。

Frontline Plus 殺蚤除牛蜱藥水有效殺死跳虱,並杜絕跳蚤、牛蜱的出現,有效期長達兩個月之久,每次滴後的 24 小時之內,其效力不會受水洗、沐浴或洗毛液影響而被洗走。

* Frontline Plus 與 Frontline 的差異,在於 Frontline Plus 的成分中,多了一種跳蚤 / 牛蜱防止生長劑,可以斷絕跳蚤的滋生及生長,使其無法成熟、生殖,在殺蟲之餘,可全面杜絕跳蚤、牛蜱的滋生。

Frontline Plus is the best flea mater to protect your pet, with no side effects and long-term use.

Frontline Plus Kill Tick Flea Effectively to kill ticks and eliminate the appearance of fleas and ticks for up to two months with no effect from washing or bathing within 24 hours of each drop Or scrubbing effect was washed away.

* The difference between Frontline Plus and Frontline is that Frontline Plus contains a flea / tick prevention agent which can cut off the growth and growth of fleas so that it can not mature and reproduce. In insecticide, it can be completely eliminated Fleas, cattle ticks breeding.