Infantino - CARRY ON 多間隔嬰兒揹帶

Carry On Multi-Pocket Carrier具有六個直觀的口袋和一個可調節的座椅,可為新生兒提供小型收納,並為年齡較大的嬰兒和幼兒進行擴展 - 在所有階段提供符合人體工程學的支撐。 帶襯墊肩帶和支撐腰帶均勻分佈重量,穿著舒適。 方便的口袋包括肩帶上方便的奶嘴口袋,手機和鑰匙的腰部口袋,以及尿布,濕巾或備用連體衣等柔軟物品的前袋。 巧妙的前伸設計意味著填充口袋總是向外伸展而不是向孩子伸展。 透氣網眼面板可保持父母與孩子之間的空氣流通,讓您和寶寶在各種天氣條件下保持涼爽舒適。


The Carry On Multi-Pocket Carrier features six intuitive pockets plus an adjustable seat that cinches small for newborns and expands for older babies and toddlers - providing ergonomic support at all stages. Padded shoulder straps and a supportive waist belt evenly distribute weight for comfortable wearing. Handy pockets include an easy access pacifier pocket on the shoulder strap, waist panel pockets for phone and keys, and front pockets for soft goods like diapers, wipes, or a spare onesie. The clever stretch-forward design means filled pockets always stretch outward and not in toward the child. A breathable mesh panel keeps air circulation flowing between parent and child, keeping you and baby cool and comfortable in all types of weather.


  • 4種攜帶方式:面向內側(寬度減小的座椅),面向內側(擴展座椅),面向外側和背麵包裝
  • 攜帶8-40磅/ 3.6-18.14公斤的兒童
  • Cinch座椅適合嬰兒使用,適合年齡較大的嬰兒使用,可在各個階段提供符合人體工程學的支撐
  • 6個直觀口袋
  • 透氣網眼面板保持空氣流通,涼爽穿著
  • 帶襯墊的肩帶和支撐腰帶均勻,舒適地分佈載體重量


  • 4 ways to carry: facing-in (reduced width seat), facing-in (expanded seat), facing out and back pack
  • Carry children from 8-40lbs/3.6-18.14 kgs
  • Cinch seat narrows for infants and expands for older babies, providing ergonomic support at all stages
  • 6 intuitive pockets
  • Breathable mesh panel keeps air circulation flowing for cool wearing
  • Padded shoulder straps and supportive waist belt evenly and comfortably distribute carrier weight