Infantino - ZIP™ Travel Carrier

當您需要時,此儲存和儀表板載體隨時可用。 不使用時,將托架塞入自己腰帶的方便拉鍊口袋中! 作為腰包,斜挎包或存放在尿布袋中。 這款拉鍊是一款功能齊全的背心,配有帶襯墊肩帶和寬腰帶。 寬大,符合人體工程學的座椅支撐膝蓋到膝蓋的嬰兒,自然圓潤的背部,安全舒適的乘坐。 非常適合前往公園,家庭度假等。


This stash and dash carrier is always ready when you need it. When not in use, tuck the carrier into a convenient zippered pocket in its own waist belt! Wear as a fanny pack, messenger bag or stow it in your diaper bag. The Zip is a full-featured carrier with padded shoulder straps and a wide waist belt. The wide, ergonomic seat supports baby from knee-to-knee with a naturally rounded back for a safe and comfy ride. Perfect for trips to the park, family vacations and more.

  • 攜帶兒童12磅 -  40磅/5.4  -  18.1公斤
  • 載體折疊到腰帶上
  • 易於折疊或在幾秒鐘內打開包裝
  • 符合人體工程學的設計為寶寶創造了自然的坐姿
  • 二合一托架:面向背包和背包位置,讓寶寶感到舒適
  • 適合遊樂園,機場和小睡


  • Carry children from 12lbs- 40lbs/ 5.4 - 18.1 kg
  • Carrier folds up into the waist belt
  • Easy to fold up or unpack in seconds
  • Ergonomic design creates natural sitting position for baby
  • 2-in-1 carrier: facing in and backpack positions for baby's comfort
  • Perfect for amusement parks, airports and naps on-the-go