RAWZ 96% 雞肉及雞肝 156g


96% 真肉

與人一樣,保持足夠的水分攝取是健康的基本元素。有些動物需要在飲食中 添加水分,而有些則更喜歡濕食的味道和質地。RAWZ 一直致力於提供能取 代高加工成分的食品,這就是我們用葫蘆巴種子取代人工食用增稠劑的原因 。我們的 96% 肉類食譜為你的寵物提供牠們渴望的健康水合作用,而無需 使用食用增稠劑和填充劑。
不含卡拉膠 (Carrageenan Gum)、瓜爾膠 (Guar Gum,又稱關華豆膠)、黃原膠 (Xanthan Gum)
葫蘆巴 (Fenugreek,又稱香草) 是歐洲南部及亞洲最古老的栽培藥用植物之一 。RAWZ 以胡蘆巴籽取代了大多數罐頭食品中發現的高度加工的人工食用增 稠劑。傳統的增稠劑不含營養價值,而胡蘆巴籽則天然且富含多種維他命及 礦物質。種子磨碎後的乳化特性使 RAWZ 在蒸煮成熟食後可提供寵物所需 的質地口感,無需使用食用增稠劑。胡蘆巴籽除了含有多種維他命及礦物質 外,還含有降低壞膽固醇的多醣,以及含有降低葡萄糖吸收的胺基酸,使其 成為超重或糖尿病寵物的推薦成分。胡蘆巴種子還含有許多強大的植物營養 素,有益於多種消化及神經功能。這種略帶甜味的堅果草本植物用於遍及世 界各地的各種美食,風味及營養兼備,同時提供寵物喜愛的質地口感。
RAWZ的食譜營養完全適合所有生命階段及不同品種的寵物 我們與領先的寵物營養師一起不懈努力,根據美國飼料管理官員協會 (AAFCO)的要求,開發滿足所有品種和生命階段的健康需求的食譜。我們 的食譜包括所有生命階段和品種的蛋白質,碳水化合物,脂肪,維他命和礦 物質的完美平衡。
96% real meat
As with people, maintaining adequate water intake is a fundamental element of health. Some animals need to add moisture to their diet, while others prefer the taste and texture of wet food. RAWZ has always been committed to providing foods that can replace high processing ingredients, which is why we use fenugreek seeds instead of artificial thickeners. Our 96% meat recipes give your pets the health hydration they desire without the use of thickeners and fillers.
Carrageenan free, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum , Fenugreek (also known as vanilla) is one of the oldest cultivated medicinal plants in southern Europe and Asia. RAWZ replaces highly processed artificial edible thickeners found in most canned foods with

fenugreek seeds. Traditional thickeners do not contain nutritional value, while fenugreek seeds are natural and rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. The emulsified properties of the seeds after comminution allow RAWZ to provide the texture desired for pets after cooking and ripening, without the use of thickeners. In addition to a variety of vitamins and minerals, fenugreek seeds contain polysaccharides that lower bad cholesterol and amino acids that reduce glucose absorption, making it a recommended ingredient for overweight or diabetic pets. Fenugreek seeds also contain many powerful phytonutrients that are beneficial for a variety of digestion and nerve functions. This slightly sweet nut herb is used in a variety of cuisines, flavors and nutrients throughout the world, while providing a pet's favorite texture.
RAWZ's recipe nutrition is perfect for all life stages and different breeds of pets
We work tirelessly with leading pet dietitians to develop recipes that meet the health needs of all breeds and life stages, as required by the American Association of Feed Management Officials (AAFCO). Our recipes include the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in all life stages and varieties.

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